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Gillnet Reels

If you need a gillnet drum that will outlast you, look no further. Maritime Fab drums are optimized for fast paced, extreme fishing conditions. Our standard features are the result of years of our own fishing experience, as well as customer feedback.

Our drum design undergoes changes and improvements almost every year to improve functionality, productivity and durability, and insure crew safety. With drive options to suit various fishermen and fishing styles, we have the experience and knowledge to help design a drum that will meet or exceed your expectations. Please see our “Drum Drives” section for available options.

Each drum is built with fishing vessel deck operations in mind, from cleanly routed hydraulic plumbing to standard web and brailer bag guards. We can insure you will have many seasons of hassle-free use! Paired with our automatic levelwind, a Maritime Fab drum is like having an extra crewman without the crew-share! Contact us to get your drum project started in time for next season.

Standard features include:

Fixed Drum

Fixed Drum Reels

Slider Drum

Slider Drum Reels

Articulating Drum

Articulating Drum Reels

Drum Drives

Reel Drum Drives



Custom Options

Custom Reel Options
Contact us to discuss your needs and to get your job on the schedule.