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Not your average fishing boat
Combination Fishing Vessel

Maritime Fab's fishing vessel designs incorporate more packing capacity and stability than other boats of comparable length.  Combined with all-composite construction, reliably engineered and easy to access systems, you have a vessel that will provide years of dependable, maintenance-friendly use. Our models can be configured to meet your fishing needs, including seining, crabbing, longlining, or gillnetting, and are offered in sizes up to 49' x 18'.

Combination Fishing Vessel
Combination Fishing Vessel

If you aren't in the market for a new boat, contact us for refit and rebuild options on an existing boat. Our staff at La Conner, WA and Naknek, AK locations specialize in deck modifications (aluminum and fiberglass), structural rebuilding, hydraulic systems, RSW systems, hull modifications using laser-mapping and CAD design, and more!

Contact us to discuss your needs and to get your job on the schedule.