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Low Profile Dinghy Lift System
The easy way to launch and retrieve your tender!
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In a world of increasing complexity, simplify. The Hide-A-Davit tender launch and retrieval system embodies simplicity in its design and function. Navigating ropes, pipes and bars commonly found on other davit systems, and removing outboard motors and fuel tanks each time you want to use your tender, are not necessary. You go boating to relax and enjoy the serenity found on the water, and using your tender shouldn’t disrupt that.

The Hide-A-Davit cradles your tender securely when in the raised position, yet leaves the swim platform completely clear of hardware in the lowered position. Once lowered, the cradle arms make convenient places to dock your tender while anchored or moored, and can be used to aid in getting in and out of the tender while it’s in the water. Operation of the lift is handled by push-button wireless remotes, which come standard with the kit.

All hardware is made from marine-grade materials and mounted underneath the swim platform, with stainless steel used extensively for structural components. Standard cradle arms are powder coated aluminum with a stainless steel connecting elbow. All-stainless arms are available as an option. Arms can be easily removed for storage when tender is not in use. Lift is handled by two hydraulic cylinders, powered by either a 12 or 24 volt DC power pack.

The Hide-A-Davit design utilizes fewer pivot points and less hardware surface area than many of the transom-mount lifts available. This means fewer maintenance points and less surface area exposed to corrosion and fouling from marine growth.

The Hide-A-Davit comes standard with most hardware and fasteners required for installation. Some minimal, custom adaptation at time of install may be required. Installation instructions are provided with kit. Total package weight is less than 240 pounds, including hydraulic power pack, which minimizes effect on boat performance.

The Hide-A-Davit system is best suited for vessels 30 feet and longer in length, and can be adapted to boats with outdrives or pod-type drives. Fiberglass pockets are available as an option for some types of molded swim platforms; however, not all molded platforms require this option. Cradle arm options are available to best fit your tender and swim platform dimensions. We are happy to assist in determining which mounting configuration will work best for your vessel and tender. Our application guides are designed to help with this process, and are available for print or down load from this site.

Hide-A-Davit - U.S. Patent No. 6,782,842

Available in standard or pocket mount.